The ways of climbing mountain and the benefits of climbing

Published: 10th September 2010
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Climbing mountains is kind of very interesting and full of risk outdoors sport. People often arrange a group of members to go out for a enjoyable camp-out. They will take bus to get to the destination with food and water, where there are hills, trees and spring. When they reach the place, they may watch the surroundings and arrange how to climb the mountains. They are clinbing and enjoying the scenery all the way.

Climbing is a sport and a travelling. Before you decide climbing,you should choose a sunny day. Don't choose the bad day in the event of coming accross danger. You should choose fitful shoes,convenient and light. Don't wear high heel shoes. Clothes should be at liberty and comfortable. The sportswear is the best choice. You can bring some water and drinks in the event of no water in the mountain. While you are going up the mountains, your body should keep forward tendency. But your backside and waist should keep straight. Mop some sun cream on your neck,arm and face and wear a sun hat.

It is a good chance to show your patience,insistence and physical strength though it is tired. You are able to escalate many kinds of trees,flowers and rocks. The path going up may be narrow and uneven. So you must be careful and make effort to go up every step. Strongers should reach out hands to help the weakers when they come across the difficult. They may stop to have a rest for a moment, breathing deeply. You may not have to climb up to the top of the mountain. While you are going down the mountain, your rapid of foot mustn't be too fast for fear of falling down especially the deep slopping mountain. It is dangerous to go back from the above.

Climbing is an out-door sport and there are many good sides. Climbing is an aerobic exercise, and it exercises physical strengh. You can amend the amount of exercise and exercise intensity according to yourself body quality. Climbing is a sport which can exercise the whole body while not dangerous. There are many benefit aspects as follows: Climbing is good for muscle and bone. The one who often climbs has strong muscle and bone. Climbing is benefit for nervous system. People will find full of energy after climbing. It will improve work efficiency and reduce the fatigue of nervous system. They shows fast action.Climbing can assure good sleeping quality. Climbers can breath fresh air in the open air, many trees, spring,no pollution. It is good for respiratory system. people can improve body immunity, reduce the risk of suffering from cold and illness. The consumption of energe and the need of nourishment are increased. It will increase desire for food and eat more. They will digest food easily.

With the development of economy in the modern times, people are busy with work. People feel tired actualy. It is necessary to go out for a trip. Your eyes can be relieved while you are on the top of the mountain. You can have a good view on the top of the hill. Your eyes muscle will be relaxed. You can choose an opportunity to climb the mountain in your spare time.

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