The materials and quarlity of Timberland climbing shoes

Published: 01st October 2010
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Timberland has now officially declared logging in China. Since January, the brand has opened three branch stores in Beijing, Shenzhen and Haerbing. The company plans in the future five years increase to seventy branch stores. The international brand lays foundation on Yellow Boots and opens up legendary. There are many kinds of Timberland shoes. Timberland leisure shoes, timberland climbing boots, timberland classic boots, timberland cow leather boots, timberland fashional boots.

The standard of Timberland climbing fashional male shoes we choose are comfortable, durable, being able to effectively protect the foot and ankle joints not to be hurt.Climbing boots can be divided into four categories. The first is the light climbing boots. It is mainly designed for short distance waders. The boots are generally fit for outdoor campings. The mountains are not intricate. The time of staying out are only one or two days. The design feature of the category are comfortable, soft,good air permeability. But the hardness and abrasive resistance of the soles are the lowest in the climbing boots. The vamp of the category shoes are split jointed by sheepskin and chemical fiber synthetic material. The soles adopt plastic rubber material. The back lining in shoes adopt some air permeability chemical fiber material. The upper of the shoes are low.

The second is snow mountain climbing boots. The kind of shoes are specially designed for climbing more than the height of 6000 meters. The soles and upper of boots have strong hardness, to effectively protect the safety of feet and calf. They can install crampon. The feature is that the weight is heavy and the limpness is poor. The appearance is that the sole adopts vibram and lining steel plate. The vamp adopts hard resin material. The back lining adopts Gore-Tex material. The upper of shoes are high.

The third is heavy climbing boots. The kind is mainly designed for long distance waders. The boots are fit for carrying the heavy mountain-climbing equipments.The mountains are sophisticated. The shoes are fit for the climbers the dwell time long. The soles have strong hardness and abrasive resistance.They can protect the sole of the feet.Some styles can install crampon. The vamp of the category boots adopt thick cow leather to make. They possesses good softness and safety. The soles adopt vibram add to a given mass of carbon fiber or steel plate. The back lining adopts Gore-tex,sympatex,Cambrelle materials. The upper of the boots are higher than the medium-sized boots' uppers. They can effectively protect the ankles under the crus.

The fourth is medium-sized climbing boots. They are mainly designed for medium journey waders. The boots are fit for carring with many mountain-climbing appliances. The type of mountain ascending is not very sophisticated. The trek journey are common short distance and medium journey. The soles have good hardness and abrasive resistance. The vamp adopts sheepskin and thin cow leather to make. The back lining adopts soft sheepskin or Gore-Tex.The upper is the medium height. Before you buy climbing boots, you should define the relative factors at first.

Timberland is the good choice for the business men. In your busy time, the shoes can insure your feet comfort. King Cross series make use of various material to combinate and adopt light character. It make the feet freedom of action and swift, no burden. It is especially fit for the warmer region in winter. The quality of skin in the shoes breath freely and make the feet feel comfortable. The rubber sawtooth of the sole can provide forceful traction and durability. In appearance, King Cross series have the unique orange edge and ring eyelet and hexagon yellow boots eyelets.

In addition, Timberland climbing shoes receive the environment idea. There are no PUC material. The pratical action realizes the commitment of the green environment protection. The whole waterproof close joint are convenient for going out in the rain. The feature of the series is the elegant color.

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